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With an intense passion for all things beauty, I involved myself in the beauty world and started my career as a makeup artist for proms, weddings, photo shoots, quinces and any other special events. Soon I wanted a way for people to not go through the hassle of finding me as a makeup artist and then have a hard time finding someone for hair too, so I hired assistant hair stylists to give people the easier option of booking hair and makeup under my company but eventually I started to get more and more clientele to the point where I couldn't handle this all on my own and started to hire assistant makeup artist to help me along the way. I started to give people the option of not only booking me but of booking any of my assistants. There was only one problem, I didn't want my assistants to feel left out because my company name was all about me so I added the name Mysterious Beauty to my company so that it can be all inclusive. So that's how Glam By Niko/ Mysterious Beauty came to be.

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